Cancer/Tumor Research Analysis

Product: Cancer metastasis, tumor (blood/body) and animal model research services

Content: LTK reagent + metastatic cancer cells tracking / hematologic tumor / solid tumor technical guidance + animal test discussion / expert handling cancer in vivo / in vitro test or project content + final report

  • Applicable customer: Long-term model of cancer/tumor metastasis and related therapeutic studies
  • Clinical indications: malignant tumor/benign tumor models, solid tumor/hematoma models
  • Established: National Taiwan University, Academia Sinica
  • Product used: LuminX Tracking Kit (LTK) (CAT#LTK1000-1006), Confocal Imaging (CAT#Ser1001), LuminX TVSI Pack (CAT#Ser1008), Bio-D Service (CAT#Ser1002), Cancer Oncology Service ( CAT#Ser1003)
  • Receive: tracking reagents, mass-production-grade mouse and rat marker cell injection technology, thesis-grade high-definition de-backed fluorescent marker images (single cell level), trial report in one form (including Bio-D data), cancer/tumor-related analysis and trial technology service
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