Cell Tracking images

Product: Professional High Definition Fluorescent Marker Image (Thesis Level)

Content: LTK reagent+Marking technolog+Imaging technology+Image report

  • Applicable customer: Stem cell therapy research, cancer/tumor metastasis and immunotherapy development
  • Clinical indication: thoracic surgery (Covid-19 injury, ARDS, COPD), neurosurgery brain injury model, orthopedic cartilage degeneration and treatment model (OA), ENT hearing impairment model (cochlear impairment), nephrology acute/chronic kidney injury model, metabolic diabetes related model (DM), plastic surgery Burn and healing model
  • Product used: LuminX Tracking Kit (LTK) (CAT#LTK1000-1006), Confocal Image Recording (CAT#Ser1001), LuminX TVSI Pack (CAT#Ser1008)
  • Receive: Tracking reagents, mass-production-grade mouse marker cell injection technology (optional), thesis-grade high-definition de-fluorescence marker images (single cell level)
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