Fluorescent dye

LuminX Biotech and GreatRise Biomedical are working together to provide super-resolution image analysis to serve more customers. We are the leading provider of Superresolution imaging services in Taiwan. In addition to being the exclusive distributor of Abberior's super-resolution fluorescence microscopy system in Taiwan, we have also partnered with leading medical schools in Taiwan to provide the most complete and comprehensive super-resolution imaging services. By integrating Lumenis' Tracking Kit and cell therapy validation platform, we can provide our customers with the highest quality and complete image analysis. For more information, please click the following link to contact our service representatives.


Best dye for conjugate focus and super resolution

Abberior STAR dyes offer the best results in fluorescence microscopy imaging. They have excellent photostability and brightness, and STAR dyes are definitely the best choice for confocal or super-resolution imaging applications.


Live Dyes

Best dye for live cell imaging

With the new Abberior LIVE dye series, we offer excellent labeling options. - Revealing biological functions is now a breeze.


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