Make your cell therapy treatment safer and better

"Over the years, LuminX has been working quietly in the biotechnology field with its own experience and technology, hoping to improve the ecology of the industry through exclusive patents, and to become a pioneer in leading the reform of the cell therapy industry is the vision shared by all employees of the company"

LuminX hopes to become the preclinical standard for all cellular products before they enter human applications, with the ultimate goal of being written into the guidelines and becoming a game changer and the best aid to cellular therapy.

          by Harry Su, CEO of LuminX Co., Ltd.




We have always believed that cell therapy will be a singularity in the medical world, but there will be many hurdles before it becomes widespread, and it has been Lumenis' mission since its inception to make cell therapy not only better but safer, and to use this technology to benefit all of humanity.



All services provided by our company are tuned and quality controlled in the most accurate way, and it is our standard to provide the most accurate data.


All experimental procedures are treated with the utmost care, and no matter how simple the operation is, it is carried out to the highest standard, and no detail is ever taken lightly.


From sampling to data production, the most efficient SOPs are followed, eliminating the need for long waiting times and allowing the fastest possible access to service content.