LuminX Main Products
LuminX Main Products
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◉ Cell Tracking Image
Product: Professional High Definition Fluorescent Marker Image (Thesis Level)
Content: LTK reagent+Marking technolog+Imaging technology+Image report

◉ Biodistribution Analysis
Product: Sample tracking and biodistribution analysis data (quantitative level)
Content: LTK reagent+ Marking technology + Sample collection and processing service + Sample analysis + Final report

Cancer / Oncology Research
Product: Cancer metastasis, tumor (blood/body) and animal model research services
Content: LTK reagent + metastatic cancer cells tracking / hematologic tumor / solid tumor technical guidance + animal test discussion / expert handling cancer in vivo / in vitro test or project content + final report

◉ qPCR service
Product: qPCR service (thesis, IND level)
Content: Sample Pre-processing + On-site Service + Analysis Service + Final Report

◉ Animal test
Product: Application and Operation for Large and Small Animal Testing Service (SPF Class)
Content: IACUC program application + provide professional operation + injury mode operation + all kinds of body sample collection service + summary report

◉ Exosome Production/Purification and Analysis
Product: Exosome Mass Production/Purification and Analysis Services (Gold Standard)
Content: High quality product/purification service + particle size analysis report

◉ Nanoparticle synthesis
Product: Nanoparticle Synthesis Customer Specific Antibody (Nanoscale Fluorescence)
Content: Synthetic specific antibodies nanoparticles

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Top-notch nano biotechnology service technology can adapt to changes
LuminX has innovative and top-notch nanotechnology, with a full range of biochemical analysis services, and is committed to creating a win-win industry-government-university-research resource integration.



The first universal standard for pre-clinical evaluation of cellular drugs
LuminX has the world's first cell localization, qualitative, and quantitative technology for cell therapy. In this warring States era where biotech analysis technology is contending, LuminX will formulate universal standards for preclinical evaluation of cell drugs.

試驗成功是LuminX 的最終指標

試驗成功是LuminX 的最終指標

The successful study to help the development of clients productis the ultimate indicator of LuminX
LuminX starts from the experimental needs of customer, supplemented by customized experimental design, to provide pre-clinical studies that meet the requirement of customers and comply with regulations. Your test success is the ultimate indicator of LuminX.



Doctoral and consaltant level research teams have years of experience  
The LuminX research team has many years of practical experiences in the fields of chemistry, optics, imaging, cell culture, and cell therapy. With rich experimental experience, it can shorten the time for customers to explore in the early stage.

LuminX Features and Core Values
LuminX was founded in 2020 and continues to serve the cell-related industry in spite of the severe epidemic. We believe that the cutting-edge technology of cell tracking and imaging can transform many industries and take Taiwan's biotechnology to the next level.
LuminX Features and Core Values
LuminX was founded in 2020 and continues to serve the cell-related industry in spite of the severe epidemic. We believe that the cutting-edge technology of cell tracking and imaging can transform many industries and take Taiwan's biotechnology to the next level.
One Click Service

LuminX, who also comes from an academic background, understands the frustration of the tedious and lengthy experimental process.

For this reason, we have introduced "one-click service" for our products. After consulting the experimental process and determining the amount of relevant materials, customers only need to provide samples, and we will take care of all the back-end processes; we can get accurate reports and save the time for the tedious round trip to achieve the goal of efficient experiments.
Customized Experience

Customized experimental process to maximize the scope of application.

LuminX understands that there is no standard process of One For All, so we provide the most customized experiments. Before purchasing our reagents and services, we will send our specialists to plan the most suitable experimental methods with our customers, so you don't have to worry about whether your experiments are suitable for our products.
Graduate Project

The special material helped several graduate students to shorten the experimental time and generate the data needed for their papers.

LuminX understands that our products are in a class of their own in the marketplace and that many researchers are reluctant to spend more time trying new methods.

Animal Experimentation Service

Has many years of animal experiments and personnel, suitable for a variety of small and large animals.

LuminX has experts in various fields, including chemistry, materials, biomedical, and animal-related personnel, which allows us to conduct a variety of large and small animal experiments and subsequent sampling.

Public sector cooperation experience

Experience of cooperation with government agencies

LuminX has the expertise and experience to perform both technical exchanges and one-sided material supply due to the specificity of the material and the willingness of several public sector entities to try it in their original experimental projects. If you are interested in using our products, please contact the LuminX team immediately.

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