Animal injury model

Cochlear Injury Model

Experiment period: 2020 

Clients who establish a cochlear model of hearing loss naturally expect that the regenerative cells given will travel to the auditory nerve aggregates or move within the canal to initiate hearing therapy. The use of LTK, which is classified as a longer term neurological hearing loss treatment (>14 days), allows clients to consistently collect samples at various points in the trial and even allows for longer and safer tracking data collection than radiographic tracking has.

Precise Labelling

The special modification on the surface of the material allows LTK to be precisely calibrated on stem cells without cytotoxicity and without cellular spitting out, making it a very stable material.


In addition to stabilizing the fluorescence itself, the background noise can be removed with the use of exclusive technology, eliminating the need for additional post-retouching actions as with common products.

Quantitative analysis

In addition to clearly showing the distribution of cells, we can also collect samples from various organs for quantitative services to understand the migration of cells throughout the organism.